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Indigo's eldest sister, the sweet, charming beautiful Peaches McCloud. So kind, so talented! Every parent in Blunt loves Peaches, and wishes their children were a little bit more like her. And if you were to ask the children of Blunt what they think of Peaches? They’ll say things like ‘Peaches is great’, or ‘Yeah, we all love Peaches’. But as they say these things, their eyebrows will twitch, their fists will clench and they will look around nervously. This is because they are lying. They know that beneath those blonde ringlets lies a head full of nasty plans and evil plots.

Peaches McCloud

Ok, so this isn't actually Polly. This a curious duck. Polly you see is very shy. Also, she loves ducks. She's Indigo’s best friend, knows a thing or two about computers and can find out almost anything about almost anyone. Polly is Indigo’s person-in-the-chair. While he’s keeping tabs on his sisters from the rooftops of Blunt, she stays in touch using a radio headset and tells him everything he needs to know.

Polly Mole

Su doesn't say very much, but then again, she doesn't need to. Her fists, nunchucks and throwing-stars do the talking for her. Though she's actually the youngest of the McCloud siblings, she's also the toughest, meanest McCloud and knows as much about martial arts as Polly does about ducks. She survives on a diet of fish-heads and rice and can move with the stealth of a cat in socks.

Su McCloud


Root McCloud

 Root is a computer wizard, and is very important in helping Peaches keep tabs on the children on Blunt. If you've got a secret fear, then you can rely on Root to figure it out and use it against you. She rarely goes out without her twin sister Berry, and the two never stop squabbling.
Though Berry is Root’s twin, only their eyes – which are small and dark – are alike. You’ll rarely see Berry wearing anything but grease-stained overalls. Why? Because she’s a scientist and engineer, who ensures that all of Peaches’ fiendish strategies work out perfectly. One other distinguishing feature: She lost the little finger on her left hand in an experiment involving a bag of walnuts and a snapping turtle.

Berry McCloud

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