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(and why is he in serious danger?)


Indigo McCloud, the second oldest of the McCloud siblings isn’t much to look at. His only distinguishing feature is his hair, which is completely grey. He spends much of his time up on the roofs of the Blunt, which is the town where the McClouds live. This is a run-down, jumbled up sort of place. All of the roofs interconnect, which means that it’s possible, with a little practice, to cross from one end of the town to the other without ever setting foot on the ground.


Up on the roofs, Indigo has an entire world to explore and has become highly skilled at the range of balances, jumps, somersaults and flips that one needs to cross a roofscape quickly and without accident.


Up to now, Indigo has slipped through life as quietly as he can, trying to avoid trouble, especially any trouble related to his sisters. But when Peaches targets his friend Lucy Jones, Indigo decides that he has to take action, and he sets out to save the children of Blunt from his four evil sisters.

And that is about the most dangerous thing you can do in Blunt...



Probably the best time to visit Blunt, the home of the McCloud family, is for the annual Ingratitude Day celebrations, when the town celebrates its bad manners. On Ingratitude Day, one friend might greet another with a new hairdo by saying, ‘I see you’ve persuaded a flea-infested badger to live on your head. I wonder how he puts up with the smell?’


In response, the other person might say, ‘Why don’t you shut your trap, you wrinkly old puss bucket.’ A variety of ingratitude-related events are held throughout the day. There’s an Insult Tournament where prizes are awarded for the longest, most appropriate and most imaginative insult...

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